Welcome to the Town of Watson informational website.

Lewis County, New York


The Town of Watson Court will be open in August, by Appointment Only.  Someone from the Court will be contacting Defendents to set up appointments.

The Town of Watson is pleased to announce that the Water Project, District #4 Extension #1 will be starting on or around August 10, 2020.  Starting point has yet to be determined, but it will be either on the Number Four Road, or at the furthest end of the River Road.  Any Questions, please call Supervisor Gerald Crowell at 315-376-3866 Ext. 7 or Town Clerk Christina Merry at 315-376-3627 Ext. 3.


The Town of Watson Offices are now open.
Social distancing and Masks are still required when entering the office building.

The Watson Park is now open.
Social distancing and Masks are required for any large gathering of more than a few people.