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Lewis County, New York

                   Pine Grove Community Church Preservation Society Inc.

Town of Watson Located at inter-section of Austin Road and Pine Grove Road

Early History:

         Church was built in 1896 by Lucian Rumble – known for its unusual interior, seats are arranged on a sloping floor as in a theater, necessitating cutting off the rear legs a bit.  To enter, one must walk to the front of the Church to climb the slope to one’s seat.  A bell was purchased in 1905.  Electric lights were installed in 1937.

         The Church was established after Mrs. Addie Wetmore and Mrs. Edna (Beach) Quinn had been instrumental in raising funds for it.  According to its charter it was to be available for any religious group to use.

History from 2001:

In 2001, the Pine Grove Community Church Preservation Society Inc. incorporated and gained title to the Church.

A.      Their mission is to preserve and maintain the Pine Grove Community Church as a non-denominational facility accessible to the general public.

B.      To acquire and hold real property for use of the Society and as a public benefit.

C.      To promote interest in the history of the architecture of the Pine Grove Community Church by interfacing with the educational institutions within our area through cooperative ventures.

D.      To seek, discover and record information relating to the history of Pine Grove and the Pine Grove Community Church.

E.       To acquire, as custodian and to collect, preserve and exhibit documents, records, and artifacts of historic significance and interest to the community of Pine Grove and the Pine Grove Community Church and its surrounding area.

         In 2009, Pine Grove Community Church was added to the Register of Historic Places.

         Major maintenance/repairs since 2001:

A.      Roof Painted

B.      Repairs to the Steeple & Belfry done over the years

C.      Exterior and Interior of Church Painted

D.      Installed underground electrical line

E.        Removal of old furnace, tank etc. (work donated by (Joe, Jeff, Jason Suiter and Carl Kohnert)

F.       Installation of used furnace and tank (donated by Arel Brown)

G.       Installation of 2 sump pumps (partially funded by Art Hill, Charles Bunke & Brown’s Plumbing)

                                    H. Restructuring of Steeple and Belfry - completed in 2014

                             I. Replacement of carpet with vinyl flooring - completed in 2014
                    J.  Installed railing on front of Church
                    k.  Painted outside front of Church
                    L.  Had inside of Church repainted



Individual $15.00 Annual

Family       $25.00 Annual

Corporate $50.00 Annual

Lifetime    $150.00



         Current Board Members:

Vicki Roy, President

Charles Bunke, Vice President

Sue Matuszczak, Secretary

Kathy Baxter, Treasurer

Donald Lustyik, Honorary Member

Julia Fields

John Kozick

Doug Brodie

Sue Matuszczak

Andrea Moroughan

Phyllis Ward

Donna Kozick


         Pine Grove Community Church is available for: 

Small Weddings, Funerals, Non-denominational Services, Memorials, etc.

To Schedule, or for more information,  please contact Vicki Roy (315:376-3841) 

6441 Pine Grove Road, Glenfield NY 13343 or e-mail:  vroy53@gmail.com,




         Upcoming Events:




         Capital Projects Pending:

              A.       Repair Basement Wall and Paint

B.  Replace Basement Ceiling    

                           C. Repair or replace broken storm windows
D.  Repair window casing